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LED Lighting Case Studies

LED Light Case Studies

At Charlston Lights, we develop, design and test advanced LED lighting products to provide savings and effective results to our customers. We come across many industries daily with different cases and experiences. We felt that some of these cases should be shared, so that other people can get benefits from it. Here are the recent LED lighting case studies to learn how Charlston Lights has helped various customers for improvement in light quality and reduction in energy expenses.

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LED Panel Lights: Myths VS. Reality

LED panel Light

Emerging demands for Led panel lights is booming in Indian market. Every professionals or dumb peoples are asking for LED panel lights. In this myth debunking article, we will evaluate the led panel light and check whether it is worth to buy or not.
We have purchased a brand new LED panel light costing around Rs. 1000/- for 12w. Cheaper are also available in market, but we chose to evaluate premium product.

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LED Light Bulbs buying guide: How to choose the Right LED lamp?

LED bulb buying guide

LED and how it differs from incandescent bulbs and CFLs?

LED lighting is highly-efficient and most eco-friendly lighting source in the market; what’s more, it offers so many varieties to choose from. We are here presenting helpful guidelines to help you make the perfect choice.

For years, people have only one style of light bulb – the incandescent. Over the time, there was need of energy-efficient lighting, and CFL bulbs came onto the scene, as a cheaper, more energy-efficient lighting option.

One step ahead, now we have LEDs offering benefits like low energy usage, low heat emission, and low impact on the environment when discarded.

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Tips on planning your home interior with LED Lights

Home interior plan for led lights

You can use LED Lights to decorate Living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining and many other parts of residence. But, different rooms and areas of your home have different lighting requirements according to activities and tasks in those areas.

Learn effective tips on LED lighting placement, layout and spacing with illustrations in various part of your home.

These tips can help interior designers and decorators to effectively plan residential lighting. Add life and vibrancy to your home interior with your creative imagination and our advice.

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LED lighting guide for Showroom & Retail Display

Led lights in retail display

In a competitive age of retail, every showroom must keep illumination at low weight on pocket. Growing Indian economy avails showroom and brand stores even in a small town.

Our Charlston lights team visited and consulted many showrooms to help them to get maximum return of their investment.

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Advantages of LED lights over CFL [Infographic]

LED vs CFL Light Comparison

Just before the wide appearance of CFL in market, people were asking what are the advantages of CFL?

Now the time has turned and conversation moved to LED lights. Customer wants to learn comparison of CFL and LED lights in easiest way.

We have made an Infographic for easy understanding.

Comparing Life span:

During comparison of LED and CFL light, the very first thing comes to mind is Life. A well built LED light can maintain (70%) of its brightness even after 50000 hours. It doesn’t go off after that, but illumination decrease afterwards. CFL bulb also becomes little dim, but after its life (8000-10000 hrs), it goes dark.

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Deciding LED Light Quantity – How many is much?

UPDATE: We have designed an LED Light requirement Calculator to find out number of lights and Lumen/Watts required for Room.

Deciding led light quantity

Purchasing LED lights is not as easy as other lights.  You should know some basics of LED lights. However it is not a rocket science, but one should spare some time to take correct decision.

After deciding brand, product, color and watt, biggest question arise is quantity or number of led lights needed. Consumers rely on their interior designer or previously experienced person in this decision, and ask them how many led lights do I need?

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Taking full advantage of LED lights

Taking full advantage of LED lights

How do you choose lighting products? You might be planning to buy LED lights, or you might have just made final decision. But there are some things other than Initial price and Energy costs, that you must know to take full advantage of LED lights.

1. Working hours:

LED lights are built for the long life, so why not use it fullest? LED light should not be installed at very little usage area. It is your dead investment.

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Basics of Lighting

Basics of Lighting - Glossary & TipsIt is necessary to understand some basics of lighting, if you are interior or architect professional. If you are designing your own space without professional skills, this would be helpful. There is a separate field of lighting engineering for this, but they are not affordable in small projects.

Let’s start with some hard words used in packaging of lighting products.

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Contribution of LEDs in Green Earth

Contribution of LEDs in Green EarthWorld uses 18000 Terra watt hours of electricity in a year. Developing countries are consuming more and more electricity at an increasing rate of 6-7% a year. Only small portion of this energy is renewable. Most of the energy is produced from coal, oil, gas and nuclear sources.

According to 2005 data, 19% of all world electricity is used in Lighting. It is possible to reduce this consumption to 65% with various efficient products & awareness. This saving is equal to closing 700 coal plants which produce huge amount of carbon dioxide.

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