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The difference between Low & High quality LED Lights

High Quality LED Lights

50000 hours is very big amount of time. Does each led light stand to this standard? Almost all manufacturers write those big figures in product description. But what is the reality?

Reality is not always same as promising in all LED lights. Forget the warranty; one or two years are just 10% of the total working hours. What is the life after the warranty period? What if you are commercial user?

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LED lights are cheaper than you think!

Economic led lightsThe first thing comes in mind when talking about LED lights is “cost”. Yes it is costly than traditional lights, but it is cheaper if someone study the following table. In New constructions or renovations in India the materials are chosen based on few parameters like reliable, long lasting, elegant look and trends. In last 10-15 years construction and building materials have changed according to demands.


People choose double coat plaster, acrylic exterior paints and CPVC /UPVC fitting for the reason of reliability. These options are costly but long life is winning parameter. Multi threaded copper wire is another example in this category.

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How healthy are LED lights?

How healthy are LED lights?LED technology comes with dozens of advantages like energy saving, long life, maintenance free and reliable. Let’s put those advantages on side, and measure led in terms of health. As the health is gaining biggest consideration in life style, people are also valuing each product in terms of health.

For Skin:

Recent study shows CFL bulb emits harmful level of UV rays. It might damage human skin cells and can be reason behind skin cancer. Mass production of CFL bulb can’t guarantee even phosphorus coating and may allow UV rays to transmit through glass. It may not be much harmful  in many cases, but Dr. Miriam Rafailovich suggests to avoid close contact and maintain as much distance as possible.

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Advantage of LED lights in India – Top 4 Benefits

LED lights in IndiaLed lighting is superior and sure it is the future, but what are the special benefits for India? Is there any special advantage of using LED lights in India? It all started in 1962 with a special semiconductor (Light Emitting Diode), which emits light when voltage passed through it. Practical use of LED in lighting industry is not too old and experienced. But current trends and research indicates the bright future of LED.

India is world’s 5th largest electricity consumer. It is assumed that India will requires 1200 Terra watt in 2020. These figures are always confusing, as we are far behind in the gap of supply and demand of electricity at this point. 88% energy generated today is based on fossil fuel. So how will we feed so much power in our grids with current technology?

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