LeafLumina – LED Street Lights

Leaf Lumina (12w, 20w, 36W  LED Street Light Fixture)

New development in India is booming up with fast economy. Modern designs are high in demand in every aspect of construction, but smart people always care for life span of the product. As the CFL covered whole India in few years, LED is the future of lighting products.

At Charlston Lights we developed “LEAF LUMINA”, modern outdoor street-light suitable for walkways and roadways in townships, housing societies, commercial buildings, parking, and many more premises. It is a versatile, high performance street lighting solution from Charlston Lights designed specifically for street and roadway applications. 20W and 30W LED Lights provide more light than 50W and 70W CFL/Vapor lamps respectively, that is more than 50% power saving.


Specifications of LeafLumina

12W 20W 36W 50W
AC Input 180-300V AC 50/60Hz 180-300V AC 50/60Hz 180-300V AC 50/60Hz 180-300V AC 50/60Hz
Power 12W 20W 36W 50W
Power Factor > 0.9 > 0.95 > 0.95 > 0.97
Weight 1.1 Kg 1.1 Kg 1.25 Kg 1.91 Kg
Dimension 370 x 120 x 75 mm 370 x 120 x 75 mm 430 x 190 x 75 mm 430 x 190 x 85 mm
LED Lumens 1600 lumen typ. 2500 lumen typ. 4800 lumen typ. 6200 lumen typ.
CCT 5700-6500K 5700-6500K 5700-6500K 5700-6500K
Mounting Pipe 1″ 1″ 1″ 1.5″


Features of LeafLumina

  • In-house high reliable driver
  • 140-150 Lumen/watt and CRI >80
  • Asymmetric distribution covers more road sides
  • 10 Year Life (12 Hours a day use)
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Up to 80% Power Saving
  • Modern and Elegant Design
  • Long Lasting (Pure Polyester) powder coated Aluminum body
  • High power factor
  • Protection from Overpower, overheat, short and open circuit
  • Maintenance free waterproof housing (IP65)
  • All Stainless steel bolts
  • Wide beam angle to reduce number of poles
  • Non yellowing unbreakable acrylic glass

Why LeafLumina?

LED Street Light Benefits:Key advantages of our quality LED street lights are as following:

  • The main advantage of “LEAF LUMINA” is power saving and longer lifespan. Due to Lower energy consumption, one LED Street light can save more than 600 Rs per year compared to other options.
  • It can save the difference of cost in less than 3 years. It is even more affordable than solar street light, because solar street light’s payback period is 10 years.
  • It has Instant-on capability which requires no run-up or re-strike delays
  • Free from disposable hazards like mercury or lead
  • Any other cheap housing lasts only 4-5 years and gives poor performance when dust and insects enter in it. “LEAF LUMINA” is made of rigid aluminum body with can with stand in high wind, cricket ball and other impacts.
  • It has minimum optical cover to save it from breaking down. High quality silicon gasket makes it water and dust proof.
  • After long service life it is still valuable in scrap as it consists > 1kg of aluminum.


Applications of LeafLumina:

  • Street Lighting
  • Pathways Lighting
  • Parking lots
  • Roadways Lighting
  • Campuses
  • Security Lighting
  • Amenity road
  • Inhabitancy area
  • Construction sites
  • Yards
  • Park Lighting
  • Open warehouses