About Charlston Lights

About Charlston Lights

Mission & Vision


Charlston Lights aim to provide quality LED lighting solutions to illuminate your path to success and support your dreams and endeavors.


Charlston Lights strive to improve people’s lives by providing best-in-class lighting solutions with energy efficient and eco friendly LED sources.

Who we are

With aim to become leader in the Indian LED lighting industry, Charlston Lights provides Energy efficient LED lighting solutions for residential, commercial, hospitality, and architectural lighting requirements. We have built up excellent brand awareness and has solid reputation of innovation, high product quality and reliable services.

Why Charlston Lights?

Light Quality

  • Up to 130 Lumens per watt
  • CRI Index > 80 for superior color rendering

Design Factor

  • Unique modern Look
  • Designs that match with your interior


  • 2 Year Warranty
  • More than 10 years of service life
  • High MTBF power supply for longlife (> 50000 Hrs)


  • Long Life power supply
  • Power factor > 0.9
  • Tested for Indian Environment upto 45°C
  • UV proof strong optics

Build Quality

  • Rigid, powder coated body
  • Combination of beauty, Elegance and Durability
  • Focus on Strength in all Outdoor products