Halo – LED Downlights

5w/10w/12w/18w LED Ceiling Down Light

As the name suggests, it is a powerful big light in ring shape. It is designed to replace CFL and halogen down lights in homes, showrooms and other areas. It can replace your CFL down light or halogen down light in just very low power consumption. We designed it for efficient cooling and maximum performance. It is available in slim metal body with white powder coating.


5W 10W 12W 18W
Voltage 180-285 V AC 50/60Hz 180-285 V AC 50/60Hz 180-285 V AC 50/60Hz 180-285 V AC 50/60Hz
Power 5W 10W 12W 18W
Weight 215g 215g 355g 355g
LED Lumens 680 Lumens 1470 Lumens 1600 Lumens 2400 Lumens
Power Factor >0.5 >0.5 >0.9 >0.9
Dimensions 120mm Dia. x 30mm 120mm Dia. x 30mm 180mm Dia. x 35mm 180mm Dia. x 35mm
Cutout 80mm Dia. 80mm Dia.. 140mm Dia. 140mm Dia.


Features of Halo Downlight:

  • Unique Ring shape Illumination.
  • Modern Design
  • Life Span: 50000 Hours
  • Long lasting powder coated Aluminum body.
  • Available in Pure white and Cool White.
  • Can work under unstable voltage.
  • Tested for 20000 On-off cycles.
  • Power factor corrected.
  • Equal distribution of light.
  • Up to 80% power saving compared to CFL and halogen combination.
  • 3 year warranty for manufacture defect and power supply


  • Passage
  • Stairways
  • Balcony
  • Lavatory Areas
  • Dinning Room
  • Laundry Area
  • Restaurant & Hotels
  • Showrooms & Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals


Comparison of CFL light vs Led Light: Low initial cost but high running cost, Saves 8000 Rs/- in its entire life operation.

CFL based downlight Halo – Led Down Light
Total 200W light requirement in 100sq.ft area 80w-100W light requirement in 100.ft area
1-2 year life More than 10 year of life
Unreliable low quality housing Powder coated strong body
Big expense of cable and switch installation Saved 50% in wiring expense