Tips on planning your home interior with LED Lights

Home interior plan for led lights

You can use LED Lights to decorate Living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining and many other parts of residence. But, different rooms and areas of your home have different lighting requirements according to activities and tasks in those areas.

Learn effective tips on LED lighting placement, layout and spacing with illustrations in various part of your home.

These tips can help interior designers and decorators to effectively plan residential lighting. Add life and vibrancy to your home interior with your creative imagination and our advice.

Drawing room

Drawing room/Living room is most used part of the house. It is the main place where more number of people gather than any other places of the house. LED light should be used to create ambient light environment. Planner should also consider dimmable lights in this premise. Any glare or strong shadow should be eliminated.


Kitchen should be illuminated entirely with wide angle lights to view cleanness and for ease of tasks. Platform and sink should have more lighting. Under cabinet lighting can also be used in kitchen. Narrow beam lights can be used to highlight Kitchen Island, pantries of counter areas.


Plan led lighting for home interiorDining room requires ambient lighting with little more focus on table.  Hanging or pendant type of lights are more suitable for that. It will make your dining space look beautiful and functional. Make sure to hand pendant light at correct height.


Bedroom doesn’t need heavy lighting. You can use accent lighting to highlight photo frames or art pieces. There should be provision for reading light and floor light in bedroom. Using cool-light shade eye-strain can be prevented during reading.


Bathroom requires more lights for cleaning purpose. Modern bathrooms are even costlier than bedroom, so good lighting should be provided to illuminate its beauty. Light on top or both side of mirror can serve good purpose.

Entries & stairs

You can make home entry more welcoming with effective lighting strategies. This area should have medium lighting. Direct RCC or surface mount light can be used to save false ceiling cost.

Following are the led downlight installation instructions:

LED Lighting Placement Tips:

  1. Keep away from the corners:
    Led lights - away from corners
    Led light placed in corner of the room is major wastage of the lights. This type of arrangement can’t give you benefits of power savings of LED lighting. So if possible, avoid led downlight placement in the corners of your room. Rights side image shows correct downlight placement.
  2. Away from fan diameter:
    Place LED outside of Fan diameter
    There must not be any lights inside the running diameter of fan blades. It will create flicker in whole room and that light will be useless. So, keeping standard distance between downlights and ceiling fan is recommended.
  3. Proper distribution with more lights:
    LED Light distribution Layout
    Choose lower power LED lights instead of higher power to fulfill you lumens requirements. It will provide good distribution in whole room with same power. Using ideal spacing between downlights and correct power LED will help you get proper illumination.
  4. Consider ceiling heights:
    led ceiling heightsAs the height of ceiling increases, you need more powerful LED lights to illuminate your room.

Choosing a LED color Temperature:

LED Light Color Temperature Chart

Choosing led color temperature is a personal preference, but one should know about some basic facts. Warm white gives low efficiency, while cool white provides more lighting efficiency.

High CRI comes in warm and neutral white, while high CRI is rare in cool white lighting.

Cool white: It gives more bright lights. So it should be used for tasks such as reading, manufacturing, working, offices. It should be used where color rendering is not so important.

Neutral white: It is most natural color that is closer to sunlight. It should be used where color rendering is most important.

Warm white: It is used at leisure area. It can provide more color rendering and relax feelings.